Strategies for Success and Security

No matter your stage in life, I offer services and strategies that can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.  I will take the time necessary to understand where you are today, your priorities and develop customized solutions specifically for you.

  • Cash Flow and Liability Analysis

Controlling your cash flow, saving systematically and using credit efficiently are the bases of financial success.  I will work with you to determine how to use your resources more effectively.

  • Education Planning

We will discuss your college goal funding and help you develop a plan aimed at achieving your goals.

  • Retirement Planning

Starting with you retirement vision, I will assess where you stand and develop a comprehensive plan to accumulate sufficient assets, use income sources and receive investment distributions.

  • Investing Strategies

I first listen to your needs and review your current investments before providing objective advice.  A strategic plan can be tailored which reflects your goals, time horizon, risk budget and personal preferences.

  • Workplace Benefits & Retirement Plan Review

Many employers provide valuable benefits including retirement savings plans.  I will take the time to understand your options to help you make the most appropriate choices. 

  • Tax Planning Strategies

Taxes represent a significant expense and I will work to identify strategies that may reduce your current and future tax costs.  Consult with your tax advisor before acting upon any strategy.

  • Risk Management

Insuring against risks to your family, assets and income due to death, disability, illness and liability is a building block of a sound financial plan.  I will perform a review of your policies and identify any gaps which represent a significant risk.

  • Estate Planning

Proper documents and planning can help assure that your assets are protected and efficiently transferred to your heirs and beneficiaries.  I will review your current plan with our attorney and present strategies for you to review with your legal counsel.